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Active XP: Pumpkin Jack Review

Beware because Chris Penwell’s vampire alter ego reviews Pumpkin Jack for Active Quest. Will it be more trick than treat? Find out in this quick four minute review! Thanks Headup […]

Active Quest Episode 91 PS5 Lineup Podcast
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Active Quest Episode 91: PS5’s Launch Lineup, NBA 2K21’s Unskippable Ads, and Minecraft Steve’s Meat

Joseph, Josh, and Chris are joined by Indie Pod’s Vaughn Hyde to take an in-depth look into the PS5 lineup. They also talk about Minecraft Steve’s awkward slip in Super […]

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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Review

Joseph, Josh, and Chris review the superb Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Did it go over their expectations or was it too much of a blast from the past? […]

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Active Quest Episode 90: Marvel’s Avengers Tops the Charts, the PS5’s UI, and Xbox Series X’s Launch Lineup

This week, Joseph and Chris discuss Marvel’s Avengers topping the sale charts, the PS5’s UI, and the launch lineup of the Xbox Series X! Joseph Yaden – Josh […]

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Active Quest Episode 89: So Many Next-Gen Games and a Resident Evil Film Reboot

Joseph, Josh, Chris, and special guest Eric Zinkhon discuss the onslaught of upcoming next generation games, the new Resident Evil film reboot, and backwards compatibility on PS5.  You can find […]

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Active XP: Jessika Review

Chris reviews a new FMV game called Jessika and while it has a riveting story, there are a few issues that mar it.  Review code provided by Assemble Entertainment. Thanks […]

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Active Quest Episode 88: Cyberpunk 2077 Crunch, Digital PS5 Games, and a New Peter Parker in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Joseph, Josh, Chris, and special guest, Josh from Indie Pod discuss crunch culture at CD Projekt RED, the new digital PS5 games available to preorder, and the updated version of […]