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Active Quest

Active Quest Episode 115: Pac-Man 99, An Unnecessary Remake For The Last Of Us, And Outriders

Joseph and Josh give their thoughts on Pac-Man 99 and Oddworld: Soulstorm. Also, they get into what’s reportedly happening at PlayStation. Joseph Yaden – Josh Nichols – Chris […]

Active Quest 0

Active XP: It Takes Two Review

Joseph Yaden and Chris Penwell review Josef Fares’ latest epic It Takes Two. Spoilers: they absolutely loved it, but there are a few hang-ups to consider. Review code provided by EA […]

Monster Hunter Rise Podcast Active Quest
Active Quest 0

Active Quest Episode 114: Game Preservation, It Takes Two, and Monster Hunter Rise

Chris, Joseph, and Josh discuss game preservation, It Takes Two, Monster Hunter Rise, and Outriders’ rocky launch. Joseph Yaden – Josh Nichols – Chris Penwell – You […]

It Takes Two EA Hazelight Active Quest Episode 113
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Active Quest Episode 113: It Takes Two And Monster Hunter Rise Are Amazing And Why Won’t Sony Keep Their Legacy Online?

In this episode, Chris, Josh, and Joseph discuss Monster Hunter Rise, a new Pikmin AR mobile game, It Takes Two, and Sony pulling its online stores for PSP, PS Vita, […]

Active Quest Episode 112 Life is Strange True Colors
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Active Quest Episode 112: Adios, Is The Episodic Gaming Model Dead, And Revita Preview (feat. GB ‘Doc’ Burford)

In this episode, Chris, Josh, and special guest Doc Burford discuss Adios, game development, and the latest Square Enix Presents digital event. Joseph Yaden – Josh Nichols – […]

Active Quest Mario
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Active Quest Episode 111: Our Favorite Mario Games And A New Life Is Strange Is Upon Us

Joseph, Josh, and Chris break down their favorite Mario games, Josh gives his thoughts on Sea of Solitude: The Director’s Cut, and Chris gives his predictions on the Square Enix […]

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Active Quest Episode 110
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Active Quest Episode 110: Nintendo Switch Celebrates Its 4th Birthday, Elden Ring Leaks, and Aliens: Fireteam

In this episode, Chris, Joseph, and special guest Cristina dive into the 4th anniversary of the Nintendo Switch, Elden Ring leaks, and Alien: Fireteam. Joseph Yaden – Josh Nichols […]