On this episode, Chris and Josh give their thoughts on New Pokémon Snap, as well as the news that Toys for Bob will be assisting with Warzone development.

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Quick News

America’s Got Talent Host Terry Crews Wants To See Mother 3 Localized

Chris Penwell


Fall Guys Is Delayed on Switch and Xbox, but Will Now Have Crossplay

Adam Bankhurst


Upcoming Releases/Announcements

PlayStation Plus games for May: Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last.

Adam Michel

Xbox Games With Gold May 2021 Free Games Revealed

Liana Ruppert


The DC Fandome Makes A Superhero Landing In 2021

Chris Penwell



Toys For Bob Is Now A Support Developer For Call Of Duty: Warzone

Liam Doolan


New Halo Infinite Details Revealed, Including Crossplay And Cross-Progression For Xbox And PC

Liana Ruppert


Listener Questions

#1 Turner and Hooch Fan


Hey gamers, hot gaming tip: in the new pokemon snap, there is a hidden path that leads to a secret room where you can take a picture of Tom Hanks screaming at his door after Hooch locks him outside in his underwear.

What We’ve Been Playing



  • Outriders (review code provided)
  • New Pokemon Snap


  • New Pokemon Snap

Joseph’s links for Spyro and Crash news update



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